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Friday, March 9, 2012

DrawGraphCSV software - read csv file and drawing graph using opengl

I have developed a new software called Draw Graph CSVv 1.0..

DrawGraphCSV draws the graph based on a CSV file, 1st row of the csv file should contain column names and from 2nd row data for their respective column names hold.

Procedure to draw a graph,

1) Browse for a .csv file

2) A new window with 2 columns(X and Y axis) containing check boxes of column names will be opened,

3) Select single column name check box(X-axis) vs multiple columns name check boxes(Y axis)(or vice versa) and then click DrawGraph button

4) A new window which will be drawing graph will be opened,

****Multiple options******

- Drawing Speed ( to change the speed of drawing
    - 0 means pause drawing..
- R G B colors to change the colors

- Zoom X and Zoom Y
    to Zoom in and out
- Draw again
    Draws whole graph again
- Take Snapshot
    for saving generated graph to multiple image formats(.jpg,png,bmp,.tgs)

Download DrawGraphCSV setup file from here (password: drawgraph) 

DrawGraphCSV Version 1 can draw only line graph.
All dll files are necessary to run the application.